Sophistication & Elegance

  • Patty Valle Experience

    Patty Valle Experience

    We just dont make dresses. We make your dreams come true. We make sure that we meet your expectations.

  • Design & Conceptualization

    Design & Conceptualization

    Collaborates with the client to come up with a concept and design.

  • Body Measurement Precision

    Body Measurement Precision

    Getting the right body measurements based on the design to achieve the right fit

  • Raw Material Sourcing

    Raw Material Sourcing

    Picks the right color, fabric quality and consumption based on the design

  • Clothing Construction

    Clothing Construction

    Patternmaking, proper cutting of fabric, fabric draping, and clothing construction to meet the desired fit and quality

  • Couture Techniques

    Couture Techniques

    Handsewing/draping of different materials such as beads, lace cut-outs, trimmings, appliques’, fabric, and finishing/stitching techniques

  • โ€œI dream to design gowns and have it worn by a beautiful princess.โ€

    - Patty Valle

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